The Workin' Man's Cookbook

If you're lookin' for cheap, easy to fix recipes you'd actually want to eat... here's your book!

I didn't write this book to make you skinny like those super models you see on TV. You won't find any low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, or otherwise crappy tastin' food here. This isn't one of those sissy Gourmet cookbooks either. Escargot ain't nothin' but snails anyway. Who do the French think they're kidding?

Workin' men gotta eat real food. I use real butter from artificially inseminated, steroid fed dairy cows somewhere in Wisconsin. I cook lots of bacon and save the fat to cook my eggs. I cook hamburgers that are about half fat, like the ones you used to get from the greasy spoon on the corner when you were growin' up. They've got ways to unclog your arteries, they haven't figured out how to make low fat taste good.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy The Workin' Man's Cookbook

10. How to boil water
9. What to fix Grandma while her dentures are out for repairs
8. Baby Got Back Ribs
7. Uncle Hoosie's Confounded Cure for the Common Cold
6. Famous Garlic Slaw
5. Grandma's Heavenly Desert
4. What not to serve on a first date
3. Why you drink beer for breakfast
2. Fun things to do in the kitchen besides cook
and the number one reason to buy The Workin' Man's Cookbook
1. Try havin' a hot meal on the table when Mama gets home from work-you might get lucky!

The Workin' Man's Cookbook

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